Dessert First Custom Cakes

                      "Art you can Eat" 

I felt silly writing about myself the first time and well, it didn't save so...two times a charm it is! Ha! 
My name is Sarah and that man in the picture with me is my husband Michael, a.k.a. my Drill Sergeant. He keeps me on track when I stray away which is more often than I'd like to admit. Look, a butterfly! Yes my mind goes a mile a minute and I like organization to help my gears stay turning smoothly. We have three amazing kids that God has blessed with totally different personalities to keep us guessing and learning on this journey called life. I love that I can and have received many great ideas from my kids as well as my husband, he helps me solve problems when they arise and oh boy do they ever! Each new cake brings a new challenge or hiccup, some have made me on the verge of tears... but it is in those moments that I suck it up, pray and ask my heavenly father to guide my working hands and to help me see a solution. Quitting has never been an option. Every time God comes through, there have been many moments I think...that turned out better than I originally planned!  Notice I said "than I originally planned". I have to laugh because that's when the wrench is thrown in there...when I think I have everything under control. I believe God likes to give me sporadic reminders that I need to let go and let God. 
That's how I am here, right now. I decided to give this business a go and to enjoy the journey as he molds me. So thank you for coming along on this journey with me and in the future laugh with me at all of my mishaps along the way!

God gets ALL the Glory!